Between the 29th of June and the 2nd of July of this year we will celebrate in the town of Combarro-Poio the thirteenth edition of the Meeting of Traditional Vessels of Galicia.

The Encounter, of biennial periodicity and itinerant character by different ports of Galicia, is one of the most important manifestations of the maritime culture of those that are celebrated in the Iberian peninsula, undoubtedly the most important by number of participants and boats. It also has an international character, since with Galician vessels and crews and other territories of Spain and Portugal, it is frequent the presence of delegations from other European countries (in the last edition we have representatives from France, Scotland, Ireland, England or Croatia ).

Basically it consists of a large concentration of traditional boats, approximately 150, which are exhibited to the visiting public in the port and develop navigations of morning and afternoon during the four days, in this case by the Pontevedra estuary. At the same time, in the port areas and nearby places, various cultural and leisure activities are developed for the participants themselves and, above all, the neighborhood and the thousands of visitors: exhibitions, workshops, various artistic exhibitions, musical performances etc.

The organization of the event is headed by the head of the Meeting, Culturmar-Galega Federation for the Maritime and Fluvial Culture, together with the local association A Reiboa and the Council of Poio, accompanied by various associations, entities and individual individuals in the locality and Of the region. The sponsorship corresponds mainly to the public administration: Xunta de Galicia, Deputación de Pontevedra and Concello de Poio.

The motto of this edition, O mar meeting place, seeks the confluence and participation, together with the entities dedicated to the safeguarding of maritime heritage, of all the agents that we find in the sea, fishing, merchant or shellfish, Leisure and sports, military …